On March 4-6, 2016 all Code School courses were available for free!

So I though I should check out what kind of courses they have and maybe find something useful for myself - and I did. I was looking more specificly for courses related to testing and I managed to find 2 courses:

  • Rails Testing for Zombies with the following topics:
    • Test Unit
    • Model Testing
    • Cleaning it up
    • Mocks and Stubs
    • Integration Tests
    • Using Factories
  • Testing with RSpec with the following topics:
    • Introduction
    • Configuration & Matchers
    • DRY Specs
    • Hooks & Tags
    • Mocks & Stubs
    • Custom Matchers

Note: in “Testing with RSpec” course they are using an older version of RSpec 2.10.x - so there will be a lot of should (old syntax) examples. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, current RSpec syntax uses expect.

My honest opinion about these 2 courses is that Gregg Pollack, Olivier Lacan and Nathaniel Bibler have done an awesome work! Even having some experience in unit testing & RSpec, I still enjoyed the courses. The way how they teach in these courses is really entertaining and I even learned a couple of new things about testing myself.

I would say that these courses are a must have in case you are new to Rails testing (or the project on which you are working on still uses older RSpec 2.x, like mine) and want to have fun while learning something new!

Good luck in courses! :wink: